PCB Design and Layout

PCB Design for Semiconductor Sector

Established in 1986, Litho Circuits provide the Semiconductor industry Worldwide with Design and Layout services, through our highly experienced CAD engineers. Our portfolio of customers include Analog Devices, International Rectifier, On-Semiconductor, Fairchild, Microchip, NEC, Xilinx and Mediatek.

Litho Circuits continue to provide the full turnkey solution to our customers incorporating the generation of CAD Library, Schematic Capture and PCB Layout.


Our Highly Experienced Cad Engineers are all IPC Certified. Having worked within the Semiconductor industry over the past 25 years, Litho Circuits has established itself as one of the leading design bureaus with a strong customer base worldwide.

Library Management

Litho Circuits offer library management services through our Web portal that is tailored to customer requirements. Our library management solution features:

  • Elimination of time spent creating and checking parts
  • Elimination of most errors due to incorrectly created parts
  • Parts created in accordance with industry standards
  • Login and request a new part by completing the form
  • Login and view existing parts within their library without loading up CAD tools
  • Login and search the library using a wide range of search criteria