Litho-Circuits supplies and installs  radically different LED system that takes the form of thin, flat plates of light, providing a minimalist, ultra-thin profile allowing  creative opportunities where these new products can be utilised. The first applications – recessed panels – provide greater benefits and opportunities in retail, hospitality, and commercial environments.

  • Sleek and bright
  • Ultra modern appearance
  • No visible diodes or glare allowing for a  uniformity of light
  • Transparent or opaque finish for design versatility
  • Recessed and linear versions

Energy Efficient LED

All LED-based technology are inherently efficient, requiring fewer luminaries providing more light for less energy.  Our public lighting solutions and our  LED panels deliver a uniform light of exceptional quality and lumen output, transforming the working and public environments. The quality of light alone is revolutionary; energy savings of up to 50% or grater, longer life and full dimming capability and our solutions have a truly game changing solution.

  • Energy reductions due to less fittings required
  • Panels operating at 36 Watts, instead of fittings up to 75 Watts
  • Increases in the minimum/maximum luminance
  • Lifespans of up to 50,000 hours, greater than comparable lighting solutions


Green solutions

Litho-Circuits solutions offer the same light output with longer life and lower electricity consumption than the standard fluorescent fixtures they are designed to replace. This provides retail shops, offices, commercial facilities and public lighting solutions to reduce their electricity costs and associated CO2 emissions.

All Litho-Circuits LED solutions provide benefits to clients of :

  • Saving energy
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Brighter
  • Last longer
  • Reduce environmental impact

By comparison, LED solutions can enable up to 90% energy savings, while lasting up to 50 times longer. These light solutions, contain no lead or mercury and are RoHs-compliant. Based on new CE-RoHS Complaince regulations in the EU, it is estimated that, between 24 million to 39 million tons of annual carbon dioxide emissions will be eliminated with the full implementation of the EU regulations. Litho-Circuits is fully committed to reducing carbon emissions and all products fully comply with EU Directives with no stock needing phase out.