Luminaire MPG-1A (amber light) special for astronomical observation areas, protected by “The Law of Heaven” recommended by the IAC (Astrophysical Institute of the Canary Islands). This luminaire has an element that cuts all the light that is emitted direct towards the upper hemisphere, being the FHS = 0%.

The specific color temperatures for this luminaire range from 1.800K to 2.400K, being lamps that translate more than 90% of their spectral radiance above 500 nm, reducing by 92% the brightness produced by Traditional LED luminaires emitting below 450nm (blue).

These color temperatures do not disturb the flora and fauna and as an add-on they do not attract any type of insect, being at present the best solution to use in natural and national parks, LIC and ZEPA areas, astronomical observation areas and To reserve areas of the biosphere, among a wide range of possibilities.

These regulations are being extended in other countries, mainly Chile, where MICROPLUS GERMANY is working this technical solution and future of success.


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