LL-10-100 – €280

LL-10-100 – €280


Our experience has shown, that some of the older most popular fittings like the 150 watt Sons normally fail due to age. In most instances the enclosures are not compromised and the existing gear is the cause of most issues. The process after ruling out photocell issues, is to investigate lamp, ballast, ignitor or a cable problem. When the fault is found you have to change this part and the fitting works. This process can be costly because if you are servicing parts you are left open to other parts failing after your initial visit or two.

Litho Circuits is delighted to introduce their new LED retrofit street light options.

Our design team are available to visit onsite where they will design a complete LED solution either by Retrofit, New LED or a system combining both if required.

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* Price does not include VAT at 23% *

7 years

Additional information


Part Numbers: LL-10-100
Item Type: Retrofit Street Lights
Lamp Power (W): 50W / 100W
LED Light Source: Unique Optical & Thermal Efficient & Reliable Lamp
Lamp Luminous Flux (lm): >3400 / 6800
Lamp Luminous Efficiency :> 90 lm/w
Color Temperature (CCT) 3000~5000k
Color Rendering Index (CRI): Ra>65
Input Voltage (v): AC100~240, DC12V, DC24V
Power Efficiency: > 88%
IP Rating: IP67
Working Lifetime: 7 Years
Can be supplied with NEMA socket for photocell
Manufactured In Ireland

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