LED High Bay UF150DR – €225

LED High Bay UF150DR – €225



General Description

HV LED high bay light is a Litho lighting application of Patch to encapsulate the LED light source 3030, High pressure constant power driver chip. High purity aluminum reflector, high thermal conductivity aluminum lamp housing and high intensity tempered glass. The high efficiency, constant current and constant voltage source research and development of high photosynthetic efficiency of green lighting products. Litho Circuits have developed this DOB-UFO light with on board circuitry to do away with the need for an expensive LED Driver.


  • By highlighting the patch package LED light source 3030 Chip, compared with the traditional equal brightness High Bays energy-saving is more than 65%.
  • The radiator and lamp shell integration design, LED chip has direct contact with the shell so closely connected with cooling, which will fully guarantee the LED chip life.
  • The lamp adopts aluminum alloy die-casting molding, can effective heat dissipation, Waterproof, dustproof, waterproof level through the IP65 standard.
  • Low glare and no stroboscopic effect, eliminating the common problems found with conventional floodlights that have undesirable glare, visual fatigue and disturbance.
  • Activated without delay, power up to normal brightness, without having to wait for a long start up time that is associated with traditional SON and MH lighting.
  • Green pollution-free,no lead, mercury or other elements of environmental pollution, no pollution to the environment.
  • Selection of wide input voltage (AC200-265V), high efficiency, High pressure constant power driver chip, Stability and longer service life.




* Price does not include VAT at 23% *

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