Litho Circuits Ltd is pleased to partner with the  Microplus Germany Group, a leading engineering design, manufacturing, quality control and software development company in the Led Lighting Marketplace. Litho Circuits have been appointed sole  distributor of MicroPlus Germany’s  leading products to the Irish retail,commercial and public led lighting marketplace’s.

The Microplus Germany Group is result of the several companies contribution with over 18-years’ experience and innovation in the industry. Having integrated all phases of the manufacturing process in Zamora (Spain), Germany and Portugal, from engineering design, manufacturing, quality control and software development. Microplus has the highest certifications, such ISO IQNet certified by AENOR as well as the prestigious and demanding German and international certifications: TÜV, VDE, ENAC, AT4 Wireless, BUREAU, VERITAS, EIC, IPAC.

Microplus have a large and qualified technical team, which allows them to meet the most demanding needs of their clients
• Technical and financial feasibility studies
• Systems´ adaptations to different security levels
• Integration with other control systems
• Our own R + D + i
• Quality Control Laboratory

Minimal maintenance.

  • Rugged Construction, built in High Quality Aluminium with special chemical processing, With 10-years Paint Warranty
  • Solid State Lighting Technology, covered by high purity and resilience glass lens . Allows virtually immune system to shocks and vibrations.  IK08 protection level
  • Heat-sinks made of high-purity aluminium allowing a large heat dissipation. Temperatures from -40° C to 55° C.
  • Products sealed with dust-proof gaskets in order to obtain protection against dust or insects with IP65 protection level (Optional IP67)

Maximum efficiency

  • Optimisation of the Light Beam: The patented MicroLed Plus system and its optical crystal of high purity generate a 120 degree light beam without lighting losses. With a FHS rate <1% (Flow to the Upper Hemisphere).
  • Great Energy Efficiency MicroPlus Germany Technology implies an advanced level in Energy Efficiency. With 150 lm/W, one of the highest levels of energy usage to the current technological level.
  • Long Durability: Microplus Germany technology ensures > 50,000 hours. Maintaining flow, only 6% of depreciation; LM-80
  • Optical adapted to each situation. Each lens gets a light distribution adapted to every need. Up to 9 available models.