Litho Circuits supplying Approved LED lighting



  • 5 Year warranty
  • Bridgelux LED Chip
  • Power Supply Drivers – Meanwell IP67
  • Colour Temperature 2500K – 6500K
  • Colour Rendering Index We can reach CRI 70
  • Luminaire Maintenance Factor ( LMF) has been established for the retrofitted lights
  • Light Output Ration (LOR) has been established for the retrofitted lights
  • LED system efficacy can reach 100lm/w (5700-6200°K, 230V)
  • Power ratings are quoted as the total rated power of luminaries, including driver losses, as measured under standard operating conditions.
  • Power factor of >0.95 stated at 100% flux
  • All retrofit units can be upgraded for CMS
  • IP rating IP67





  • CE APPROVED: Report Reference:  16E6152
  • CE LVD SAFETY: Report Reference: 16S6155-1
  • PRL: IE 02015W
  • ERP: 57D67B
  • ISO: 9001-2008



Test reports available for all of the products from an independent approved testing laboratory – (Compliance Engineering Ireland Ltd)